Aloe Vera
  • Acne

    Heinz H.

    I am 40 years old and have been suffering from acne on my whole body for quite a number of years. As a result, I was treated with cortisone for many years. Three years ago I was introduces to aloe vera gel with honey and ever since, I drink 40-50 ml aloe vera 3-4 times a day and exclusively use aloe vera based skincare products. Twice a week I use a gentle peeling on my face and entire body to remove dead skin cells. After a period of only 14 days the texture on my skin had definitely improved. Now my skin problems are manageable.

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  • Athlete's foot

    Jürgen Sch.

    My experience with „Aloe vera“

    I have been taking aloe vera on a regular basis for the past six weeks. Since then, my entire sense of wellbeing has improved significantly. For many years I battled a nimor case of athlete's foot that never really healed. After I started using aloe vera it disappeared. Also, I noticed that open skin injuries heal faster (following the application of aloe vera). My digestion has improved, as a result of which I simply feel better.

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  • Ulcers

    Bettina N.

    Ulcers/Hardening of scar tissue

    In May 2003, my gynaecologist diagnosed another ulcer in my uterus. I already had one in 1996 and underwent surgery a few weeks after diagnosis. I can still vividly remember the pain I experienced after surgery so that another operation was not an option. A good acquaintance introduced me to aloe vera gel and I was surprised what I learnt about the effects of aloe vera. I trialled aloe vera, drinking 100-150 ml a day. The pain eased. My ulcer, which was the size of a tennis ball, had reduced by half within a period of 10 months. As a result, I was able to avoid surgery. In January 2005, the ulcer had shrunk to the size of a pea; an outstanding success. Aloe vera gel has become a firm component of my daily dietary intake. Apart from aloe vera’s effect on the ulcer, I noticed other very pleasant side effects. In 1985, I had had my breasts reduced. The scars had hardened and were thick and red. Apart from the look, it was a very unpleasant feeling. When my gynaecologist examined the ulcer and, at my express request, the scars as well, he asked me whether I had had the scars surgically corrected. Even after so many years the hardening of the scar tissue has softened up and the red blotches have disappeared. As I did not change my lifestyle apart from taking aloe vera gel, even my gynaecologist is convinced that the improvement of my condition is due to precisely this intake. Meanwhile I have convinced my family to drink the chemical-free veggie cocktail and have so been able to remove my husband’s osteoarthritic pain and my son’s atopic eczema.

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  • Skin texture

    Martina H.

    My success with aloe vera gel

    I have been taking aloe vera gel since mid-July. After only a few weeks I noticed that I felt significantly better and much more alive. Aloe vera helped me out with a skin problem. For some time now I have had a mole that is approximately 2 cm in size and was swollen. About a month ago I notice a distinct reduction of the swelling and the mole as such decreased in size. I can report a further positive effect. Thanks to aloe vera, the migraine attacks I have been suffering from for a long time have disappeared.

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  • Moles

    Anke D.

    My mom had a mole on her temple that was rough and uneven. A dermatologist measured it and said that it would have to go if it changed any further. After this diagnosis, my mother dabbed the remaining droplets of aloe vera from her drinking glass onto the mole three times a day. Three months later it was gone - the doctor is still looking for it.

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  • Atopic eczmena

    Lysann I.

    Experience with aloe vera gel

    I regularly took 30 ml three times a day since 12 August 2002, as I had been suffering from severe atopic eczema for three years - in my armpits, elbow pits and on my entire body. In the elbow pits the eczema was so severe that I had open sores. After only 14 days all open lesions had closed and after eight weeks the eczema is no longer visible. In connection with an aloe vera cream I now have a completely normal silky-soft skin.

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  • Ulrike E.

    Experience with aloe vera gel with honey

    Our son is two years old. He has been suffering from atopic eczema since birth. The paediatrician prescribed various ointments, including ones containing cortisone, which cannot be applied long-term. The only thing that remained was our love and hope for improvement. When we first heard of aloe vera gel it was a wee ray of hope. We applied the gel several times and within a short time there were no more dry patches on his small body.

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  • Familie D.

    The diagnosis was atopic eczema. Aloe was administered three times a day. At the beginning 20 ml and then, due to asthma the dose was increased on a weekly basis, to a total of 50 ml. It is important that it is administered regularly as the effect will otherwise subside. We also use a spray containing aloe vera in order to alleviate the itching and reddening.

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  • C. O.

    Our entire family has been taking aloe vera for two years. Even though I have always been into sports in a big way and this has not changed and I actually felt healthy, I noticed an improvement after a few weeks. I was fitter overall, could focus better and my immune system, in particular, improved significantly. Apart from that I finally developed regular bowel habits. If there were any ‘bugs’ involving the flu or gastro going around where we lived, they largely passed our family by without a trace. As we had not changed anything else in our lifestyles we put this down to aloe vera. I have very dry skin and have in recent years been suffering from atopic eczema. In the cold season, in particular, I frequently had episodes of red and itchy skin on my arms and legs, sometimes also on my face - thanks to the dry air in heated rooms and the dry cold weather as well as pre-Christmas stress. It is particularly unpleasant on the face as the face is hard to hide under clothing. I did not sleep well and often scratched until I bled. These episodes are not only bothersome because of the itch and the horrid way it looks, I always had the feeling they sucked away my entire strength and energy. The only thing that helped temporarily was the fatty cortisone-based ointments the dermatologist prescribed. The rash would disappear - until the next episode occurred. It already improved by taking the drinking gel; the episodes occurred increasingly less frequent and a body lotion containing aloe vera additionally helped my dry skin.

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  • Sylvie H.

    At one year of age my son Paulo suddenly developed atopic eczema on several parts of his body. His back was worst and felt like the skin of a reptile. Additionally, with some episodes he had a severe facial reaction during which his cheeks and eyelids were swollen beyond recognition. We tried everything, from organic creams to homoeopathic globules and cortisone-replacement therapy (Protopic). Eventually, only cortisone offered relief.

    When my sister-in-law gave me a spray containing aloe vera, I was able to completely contain the itching and flaky areas and from then on was able to make do without cortisone altogether. While the episodes still occurred, they were less severe and easier to manage. After three weeks I gave my son aloe vera drinking gel. It took all of three days and his skin was better looking than it had ever been before suffering from atopic eczema. Since then Paulo has not had a single episode of atopic eczema - he first took it five months ago. He can now eat citrus fruits, capsicums, tomatoes, nuts and everything else that was previously prohibited.

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  • Psoriasis

    Manfred Sch.

    My experience with the aloe vera drinking gel has been quite good. I have had a few psoriasis patches on my back for the past four years. I have been taking the aloe vera drinking gel regularly since July. The psoriasis has improved by around 95%. I also had problems with dandruff - these have also disappeared almost completely.

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  • Wounds

    Antje Z.

    I most likely did not always do everything right as a mother but I certainly always did my best to turn him into a reasonable, likeable and confident person. So what am I trying to tell you at this point? As far back as four years ago when I was first introduced to aloe vera I was more than enthusiastic about it after only a few weeks, thanks to the improvement of my health, which was not very good due to several head operations I had undergone. The product not only helped me healthwise, it also helped me regain my courage.

    It was only recently that I was able to experience as a mother how valuable it is that I can help myself. In the night from 8 to 9 April 2006, my office doorbell rang late in the day. My son’s friend was there to tell me that my son had had a motorbike accident and was in hospital. I arrived at the Mainz university clinic to find out that my son was undergoing surgery. After several examinations had been performed to establish that he did not suffer internal injuries I was allowed to take him home. At this point in time I was already told that his face would most likely remain scarred as there were areas of his face where all layers of his skin had been abraded. On 9 April, I called my dermatologist first thing in the morning and asked him to have a look at my son. He came and was initially appalled that the clinic had discharged my son without further ado. Crusts had formed on the wounds, as a result of which the pus could not drain. He explained that this pus could now flow from the face to the brain unimpeded and that consequently the risk of meningitis was extremely high. The high temperature my son was experiencing was also to be considered a negative symptom. Well, I did not want to bring him back to the clinic and had to find a way to soften the crusts on his wounds and to drain the purulent inflammation. I decided to use aloe vera cream.

    9 April 2006: It took less than half an hour for the first pus blisters to form on the crusts. I applied the cream several times a day and noticed astonishing improvements from then on. The first two to three times, my son complained that the cream smarted on the wounds. By the time evening broke this was no longer the case. Independent from the rapid healing of the wounds, we also noticed that the bruises, swelling as well as the black and blue marks in his face healed rapidly. Now, his condition improved significantly day-by-day. Within a period of only ten days his wounds had healed so that only a few slightly reddish patches were discernible. By now, everything has healed without leaving scars. By the way, my son had the same injuries on his hands. The clinic simply treated these with band-aids. As the band-aids had been applied to the open wounds without any protection, we could only remove them gradually. My son has very ugly scars on both hands. I am happy that we did not leave his face to the judgement of a third party. Being able to help yourself is great; being able to help your child is priceless.

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  • Skin rash/Digestive disorders/Vitality/Bleeding of the gums

    Birgit M.

    To all those who do not know of the benefits of aloe vera

    I had a rash on my arms and went to see a dermatologist for it. He was of the opinion that it was a sun allergy and prescribed a cortisone cream. For him that was the end of the story. This cream, however, did not bring about any improvement. The rash did not change whatsoever and further inflammation occurred. It improved during my summer vacation -> so, obviously, it could not have been a sun allergy. I then applied aloe vera on a daily basis. After a week, there were no signs of inflammation and since then no new ones have occurred. The only thing that remains is the scars. I will continue to use aloe vera so that no new inflammation occurs.

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  • Heike B.

    My experience with aloe vera drinking gel

    After taking it for a period of approx. two months, I have noticed the following.

    1. 1. My very dry and flaky skin has improved considerably. Now it is beautifully smooth and no longer flakes. I no longer need to use a body lotion on a daily basis.
    2. 2. My dandruff has disappeared completely.
    3. 3. I no longer suffer from bleeding of the gums.
    4. 4. My digestive disorders have resolved and I now have regular bowel habits - I used to have a single bowel movement a week.
    5. 5. My general sense of wellbeing has improved significantly, now I am well rested when I wake up in the morning and can sleep better at night.
    6. 6.It boosts my weight loss markedly. I have already lost 5.5 kg easily, without adhering to a special diet.
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  • Osteoarthritis and pain of the knee joints/Back ache/Tennis elbow

    Siegfried K.

    Initial experience with aloe vera gel in treating joints, Licensed physiotherapist Since the beginning of March of this year I have also been using aloe vera gel with ingredients that support joints in my physiotherapy practice. My patients are of different age and gender and they suffer from different complaints as well:

    1. 1. One patient, approx. 68 years old, underwent surgery of the knee joint due to a cruciate ligament rupture. The doctor prescribed ten physiotherapy sessions. From the fourth session onwards I not only worked through the exercise schedule but also rubbed aloe vera gel onto the knee joint until it was absorbed. Although the patient does not use the gel at home because her son is a physician and does not think very highly of natural remedies, being an orthodox medical practitioner, the knee had improved after twelve treatment sessions, to the extent that the walking distance the patient could manage was extended from short distances within the patient’s home to half-hourly shopping trips. In patients of the same age who suffer from similar complaints, treatment usually takes significantly longer until such successes are achieved.
    2. 2. A patient aged 72 had been suffering from chronic epicondylitis (a so-called tennis elbow) for about one and a half years. Her doctor occasionally gave her an injection when the pain became unbearable; the effect, however, subsided relatively rapidly. The woman received three treatments with aloe vera gel in intervals of 14 days each and after a period of only two weeks she experienced considerably less pain. During this period she was not given an injection by her doctor! However, the patient also drinks aloe vera gel with honey.
    3. 3. Another patient, approx. 45 years of age, employee of a neurological rehabilitation clinic, who has been suffering from chronic pain of the sacroiliac joint - the transition from the lumbar spine to the tailbone joint - for several years. The patient had already been to other physiotherapy practices and consulted different doctors. Nothing has really been able to help her. After I massaged her with aloe gel three times she declared that she already felt much better (and she doesn’t even drink aloe).
    4. 4. Mrs B. is a teacher of approx. 62 years of age, retired, with severe osteoarthritis of the finger joints. Surgery was performed on the middle and ring finger of the patient’s left hand, as she could hardly bend or stretch out the two fingers. Two weeks after surgery I started providing physiotherapy to her. By now she has had ten physiotherapy sessions with me. At about every other session I not only rubbed aloe gel into the fingers, aloe gel was also used as a coupling gel in ultrasound therapy. Explanation: During ultrasound treatment, energy is converted from electric to kinetic energy via a quartz crystal located in the ultrasound probe. With the assistance of a coupling gel (here: aloe gel) this energy is transmitted into the body as a vibration - that is not discernible to us - with high frequency oscillations between one to three megahertz. The idea: A certain amount of the coupling gel is also meant to pass through the skin with the assistance of these oscillations. The procedure is referred to as phonophoresis. The patient can now make a fist again (including the middle and ring fingers); she can even almost fully stretch her fingers through to the tips again.
    5. I am currently trialling this procedure extensively. Aloe gel in connection with ultrasound is basically asking to be used; after all, aloe gel has the same lubricating properties as conventional ultrasound gel. If the additional, positive medicinal benefits of aloe also have an effect, this would be a real hit in physiotherapy. While the experience made so far does not allow for a safe conclusion, due to the fact that the time of the applications and the number of treatments provided so far are not conclusive, there is one thing that can be noted nonetheless: all patients considered the treatment to be pleasant and beneficial. None of the patients experienced a deterioration, all patients subsequently experienced an improvement of their condition. Please bear with me if I can only provide statements on how my patients feel, as no secure knowledge is available due to the brevity of time.
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  • Simone S.


    I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees. For months I could only walk due to the fact that I took very strong painkillers. Since drinking aloe vera gel on a regular basis and applying aloe vera cream to my knees I can virtually do without these strong painkillers. I was unable to squat for many years but thanks to aloe I can almost do a full squat again. I am so happy about how I feel and recommend this product to everyone who suffers from joint problems.

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  • Prolapsed disc

    Brigitte U.

    In June 1998 I had my third slipped disc. Although it was recommended that I undergo surgery, I went to a naturopath instead. The therapy was helpful for three months and then I really started suffering. I was paralysed from my foot to my hip. The only thing that helped was surgery; the entire nerve was jammed. The operation was very successful, the only area I didn’t regain normal sensation was in my last three toes, which remained numb. Once I heard of aloe vera gel I thought I would try it. After taking it for a fortnight I slowly regained normal sensation in my toes and now, after four weeks, I can fully move my toes again. Fantastic. I can only attribute this to aloe vera gel as I did not change my lifestyle in any other way.

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  • Joint pain

    Bärbel M.

    Report after the intake of aloe vera gel

    Age: 46 years

    Illness: Status post-sarcoidosis (joint disease); severe pain, predominantly in the legs - for 16 years:

    No more pain in the legs after approx. four weeks

    Very low blood pressure since childhood (100:70): blood pressure normalised within 4-6 weeks (120:80)

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  • Pain of the knee joints

    Iris W.

    Report on the use of aloe vera gel with honey

    Two years ago, after a skiing accident, I was diagnosed with the complete rupture of a cruciate ligament, rupture of the collateral ligament and meniscus injury. There was no way I could avoid surgery, which was eventually performed in May of this year. The result was horrifying. Cruciate ligament reconstruction!! As well as severe, advanced cartilage damage. I immediately started drinking more aloe vera gel. After only six weeks an improvement was noticed and I am happy to state that I am the only patient who did not need any cartilage repair injections after this type of surgery. My doctor and my physiotherapist were totally excited about my progress. After only three months I can put weight on my knee and bend it by an angle of 120 degrees. My doctors and therapists had mentioned this would take about 5-9 months. Thank you, aloe gel!

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  • Theo St.

    Report on my experience with aloe vera gel

    I am a delivery salesman and carry heavy baskets up and down stairs (up to 60-70 times a day and I have been doing this for 21 years). A year ago I experienced pain of the knee joints that became increasingly severe. I then decided to take aloe vera and after only 3 1/2 weeks the pain was gone. Meanwhile my heartburn has also eased and I am still fit as a fiddle at 61 (despite 14-hour days) and will continue to take aloe vera.

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  • Back pain

    Kestin H.


    I am 37 years old and have been suffering from pain in by lumbar spine for about four years. This pain is caused by a prolapsed disc, which frequently involves acute dysfunction.

    I have been drinking aloe vera gel regularly since July 2002 and feel a distinct improvement. To me, it means that I hardly suffer from back aches and have so far not had any further episodes of acute dysfunction.

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  • Loss of cartilage

    Herr H.

    My son David (8 years old)

    When David was 5 years old, doctors noticed that the cartilage in his shins was not growing in line with the rest of his legs. David already had a hole of 4 mm in size that extended inwards. This caused problems walking and long-term the problem would have had to be resolved by means of surgery. From 1 November 2003 onwards I gave him 30 ml of aloe vera gel to drink three times a day. On 10 April 2004 my son’s doctor confirmed that the cartilage had started to grow again. By now, David no longer has any problems and the cartilage issue has resolved completely.

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  • Hip complaints/Migrains/Menstruation

    Elfi F.

    Osteoarthritis of the hip - a report

    Eight years ago my orthopaedist diagnosed a beginning osteoarthritis of the hip. Over the years the pain got increasingly worse, however, I still wanted to delay surgery. One and a half years ago I started taking aloe vera drinking gel. After half a year I was feeling really good. When the pain recurred I went to the doctor and made a decision in favour of surgery. The new hip x-ray was significantly better than the one taken 8 years ago. The pain was not from my hip/osteoarthritis but from bursitis, which I had developed from gardening. Now I am fine again and I take aloe vera gel on a daily basis.

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  • Birgit S.

    My experience with aloe vera gel

    First I would like to describe the physical problems I used to suffer from

    1. 1. Congenital hip complaint with severely painful signs of wear (drugs and injections only offered short-term relief or no relief at all) Longer periods of walking or climbing stairs was very painful
    2. 2. Painful menstruation despite taking the pill
    3. 3. Migraine attacks during the seven day pill break
    4. Due to the above problems I was actually always tired and lacking in drive. One day a friend called me and informed me of aloe vera and its effects. I finally saw an opportunity to get back on my feet so I simply tried aloe vera gel myself and, what can I say? Its effect surprised me. First, I noticed that I felt so much more like doing things. Then I had my period and it was a completely new experience (no migraine attacks and no abdominal pain). After about a fortnight I noticed, by coincidence, that climbing stairs had become easier and my legs actually worked normally.

      And all I had done was drink a shot glass of aloe vera gel in the morning and evening and continued my life as normal.

      I would like to extend my gratitude to the coincidence that brought this natural healer to me and would like many more people to hear of it.

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  • Bärbel K.

    Hüftarthrose Erfahrungsbericht

    I had very painful hip problems for some months that were particularly bothersome after stress (jogging), so that I ended up doing without. Frequently, I even experienced pain when seated. For some weeks now I have been drinking aloe vera gel and after only one week I experienced significant improvement. Meanwhile I no longer have any complaints. I now use my treadmill again and feel fit as a fiddle. As I haven’t altered anything else it must be due to aloe vera gel. Brilliant.

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  • Periositis/Corns

    Antje Z.

    In April 2006 the balls of my feet started hurting badly. After several days they became so bad that I was unable to wear proper shoes. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed a solution, which I was to apply to the balls of my feet. She believed that I was suffering from plantar warts that had penetrated my feet so deeply that they had already reached the bone. Finding: periostitis of both balls of my feet. After three weeks the solution the dermatologist had prescribed had corroded around half of the skin on the soles of my feet. I was advised that I would have to continue apply the solution for about a year. I was still in pain. Subsequently I consulted the Head of Department of a surgical clinic and we arranged an appointment for surgery for 11 September 2006. Both feet were to be operated on under general anaesthesia. The tissue was to be removed all the way to the bone and afterwards I was not to stand or walk for four weeks, in order to give the tissue the opportunity to redevelop and avoid scar deformation. Having received these findings and the appointment for surgery I then consulted a podiatrist who offered the following alternative: to drink 50 ml aloe vera three times a day and blend three Cistus Incanus with several drops of water three times a day and apply the solution to the affected areas. After a week I was free from pain, I cancelled the appointment for surgery and to date I have not experienced any further problems with my feet.

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  • Blood pressure and cardiocirculatory problems

    Gisela Sch.

    Experience with aloe vera gel honey

    I have been taking the aloe vera drinking gel since mid-July to improve my general condition. I have a heart condition (valvular defect) and as a result my blood pressure fluctuates. After taking the gel regularly for a few weeks my blood pressure dropped from 190 to 140. My general condition has also improved. While I was on vacation and did not take the gel I noticed that my cardiocirculatory problems deteriorated. This taught me that I should continue to take the gel regularly.

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  • Gout and cardiac arrhythmia/Vitality

    Walter M.

    Experience with aloe vera

    My father has a severe heart condition, suffers from severe cardiac arrhythmia and as a result of the corresponding medication from various side effects such as hyperthyroidism and gout attacks. This led to a daily intake of 28 tablets (Result: severe kidney damage). During this period he was introduced to aloe vera. After about 14 days his general condition improved rapidly and after an intake of about six weeks a new Holter ECG (24h) was recorded. The last ECG, which was recorded three months earlier, showed approx. 12460 extrasystoles. Currently, the number of extrasystoles amounts to 240. That speaks for itself! The pain and swelling experienced during acute gout attacks were healed with aloe vera. My father takes a daily dose of approx. 50 ml three times a day.

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  • Lena R.

    Addition to my father’s report with aloe vera gel

    As my father’s doctor did not consider the new ECG values to be correct, he arranged for another ECG approximately four weeks later.

    According to the evaluation of the ECG, my father no longer experienced extrasystoles. Also, he had not suffered any gout attacks since (4 months).

    His previous thyroid function has since reversed to hypothyroidism so that he no longer requires any medication for this either.

    It is 5 1/2 months since he started taking aloe vera gel

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  • Pelvic thrombosis

    Gisela B.

    Aloe vera drink:

    In 1990, I developed a severe pelvic thrombosis following surgery. As a result I had a constantly swollen leg, severely painful cramps. I experienced many restrictions, e.g. when walking, climbing stairs, long trips in the car. The continuous intake of aloe vera gel, however, has brought about quite a few changes. From 10 July 2002 until today: 30 ml twice daily, sometimes a bit more. After about three weeks I experienced a further episode of very severe pain. Every day and particularly at night I had horrible cramps that could last quite a while. After a week, however, there was a turnaround. The pain has virtually vanished and cramps are only few and far between. Even if I spend the entire day on the move I hardly experience any problems. Since then, the circumference of my leg has changed. All in all, I am experiencing a sense of wellbeing

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  • Cholesterol

    Birgit H.

    My experience with aloe vera gel

    I suffered from elevated cholesterol levels for many years. Following the regular intake of aloe vera gel for three months I had the following values:

    Cholesterol 159 before 233

    HDL cholesterol 58 63

    LDL cholesterol 139 164

    That speaks for itself, as I did not make any other changes to my lifestyle. Another positive effect related to the circulation of my leg: before, if I sat for longer periods of time I always had a feeling in my left leg as if someone had pumped it up internally; that feeling is gone. To me, aloe vera gel has become a nutritional supplement that forms part of my daily diet and is the most important food.

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  • Iron deficiency, cysts

    Christine Z.

    My experience with aloe vera:

    1. - • During my quarterly gynaecological check-ups, my gynaecologist always diagnosed ovarian cysts (either left or right), as a result of which I was always prescribed hormone tablets (i.e. weight gain). At my last gynaecological appointment at the beginning of August it was the first time in a long while that no cyst was diagnosed. Thank God - or thank aloe.
    2. - • Donating blood was also not an issue. Haemoglobin values must be higher when donating blood and so I always ‘failed’. The last donation proved that my iron levels had improved to the extent that I could easily donate blood.
    3. - • I love the summer, bar the fact that I always had swollen legs on hot days; since taking aloe vera gel it can be as hot as it may - no more problems.
    4. - • Acne on my back - pimples that were frequently very painful, big and red - gone with the wind or flushed out of my system.
    5. -• My hair has changed significantly, it is thicker and has much more sheen - simply from drinking aloe vera gel.
    6. These are some of the observations I have made.

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  • Flu

    Yvonne H.

    A few weeks ago I had a severe flu with high fever and chills. I started taking Cistus Incanus. After a mere 48 hours I was back on my feet. A month ago one of my friends suffered from severe tubal inflammation. She did not want to take antibiotics. Instead she took Cistus every two hours and 100 ml aloe vera three times a day. After only three days the tubal inflammation had subsided. Two months ago her husband had a gastrointestinal virus with a temperature of 40°C. He also took Cistus. After a day he was free from complaints. Last month her daughter suffered from a bronchial infection, as a result of which we gave her Cistus. Two days later her infection had subsided.

    Her son is two years old and has been suffering from obstructive bronchitis since birth and has always had to take antibiotics for this. Since he started taking aloe vera (20-30 ml a day) and Cistus tea (two cups a day), he no longer needs to take antibiotics.

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  • Pneumonia

    Birgit G.

    In November 2003 I developed pneumonia, which resulted from a cold I had had for several weeks. My doctor not only prescribed strict bed rest but also various antibiotics as the inflammation parameter in my blood, which is normally under 5, was 75.3. Not good. He told me that this value should drop to approx. 40 within a week if I recover well. I called another doctor who recommended that I take 1 litre of aloe vera gel and Cistus Incanus on a daily basis. A week later another blood test was done and lo and behold, the value was 4. Oops. My doctor was rather astonished as he could not figure out how I could recover so fast. When I tried to explain what I thought to be the cause of my rapid recovery he told me to spend less time watching X-Files. Whatever! I am alive and kicking!

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  • Paranasal sinuses - Frontal sinusitis

    Marie Luise Z.

    Due to constant problems with my paranasal sinuses and frontal sinusitis I have repeatedly taken antibiotics since childhood. I have long been visiting different naturopaths in my search for gentle alternatives. In autumn 2005 I had severe infections involving high fever and severe facial pain five times in a row. I could hardly breathe. In March 2006 I was introduced to aloe vera gel with honey and started taking it three times a day. Since May 2006 I have additionally been taking Cistus (for three months). During the first five days I was very run down and tired, developed plenty of phlegm and expectoration. I felt as though someone were scraping my nasal sinuses with a very sharp spoon. Since then I have had no further infections, which is of course an effect that pleases my employer. Due to the fact that I no longer need to take antibiotics and the fact that I feel markedly fitter as a result of my immune system stabilising, I have decided not to do without aloe vera gel and Cistus anymore.

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  • Hepatitis C Virus

    Petra K.

    It’s high time that I find the time to jot down a few lines. As I have been doing this injection therapy against the hepatitis C virus since January of this year I was really in a bad way, healthwise. For quite some time I was not even able to participate in daily life. I was in bed with side effects such as headache and aching limbs, nausea, vomiting, constant fatigue and chills, and even wanted to discontinue the interferon therapy in spring. My liver values deteriorated rapidly - this is supposedly normal under therapy. The cells of the liver in which the virus ‘lives’ are destroyed by the medication; extensive cell damage occurs. I had a high initial viral load of 320,000; that is extremely high and I was not given much hope of success with such a high viral load. These days the viral load is no longer countable, i.e. under 600! Viral replication is no longer verifiable. After I started drinking 30 ml of aloe vera gel three times a day, it only took ten days until I noticed that I felt much better. I did not even suffer from nausea any longer; I do not need any sleep during the day and am significantly fitter. My doctor was astonished how markedly and rapidly my liver values improved. I am convinced that aloe vera played a major role in the renewal of my liver cells. My husband recently came home and thought he was in the wrong house - it was the first time this year that I managed to tidy and clean up the entire house. So now I have another time problem - because I am feeling so well again I have plenty of plans and am constantly ‘on the road’. I have to get the injections until December and if the virus does not rear its head after a year, I will be considered cured and discharged.

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  • Diabetes

    Evelin G.

    My name is Evelin G., I am 69 years old.

    I have been suffering from diabetes for 45 years as a result of a difficult delivery when I was 23. It was a forceps delivery that extended over 27 hours and was severely stressful. The diabetes became apparent because I was very thirsty and the episiotomy did not heal.

    I took tablets for many years. For about 25 years I have been injecting insulin three times a day and once extra in the evening. My blood glucose levels were often around the 200 mark.

    My bowel movements have become excellent thanks to aloe vera. My skin is no longer cracked and chapped but nice and smooth. Around two weeks ago I had a setback. I developed severe inflammation of my big toe (fistula under the toenail), which was supposed to be amputated in due time. My foot became severely swollen and I was in great pain. The toenail had to be removed and the fistula cut open - an additional round of antibiotics was necessary. Despite the repeat inflammation and intake of antibiotics, my blood glucose levels did not rise - even though this used to be the case. I increased the dose of aloe vera I take. Meanwhile, the swelling and the pain have subsided, however, the wound needs to remain open for cleansing. Yet, I am experiencing how the wound is trying to close thanks to aloe vera. I am very happy with aloe vera gel and am convinced that if I had been introduced to aloe vera much earlier I would not have lost my foot

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  • Haemorrhoids

    Guido F.

    I have been suffering from haemorrhoids for ages (more than ten years). This year I even underwent medical treatment. The success was minor. The haemorrhoids were somewhat smaller, did not bleed as often but did not disappear completely.

    After recent surgery, I increasingly experienced events of bleeding and consequently decided to try aloe vera gel. I did not have to wait long to see results. After only 14 days I hardly had any complaints and bleeding whatsoever. I will of course continue taking the product and will also attempt the external application of aloe products with the hope of complete healing.

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  • Bedsores (decubitus ulcer)

    Heike Sch.

    I am a nurse and work in a senior citizens’ and nursing home. At the beginning of 2002, Mrs Z. had to go to hospital due to an infection. After several weeks she was discharged from the hospital with a fist-sized bedsore. We tried all kinds of treatment to heal the bedsore. Despite several different therapies, hourly repositioning and various attempts by different doctors the bedsore did not heal. On the contrary, the sore became larger and deeper. After all, Mrs Z. was also a diabetic as a result of which large wounds heal particularly badly. In July 2002 I was introduced to aloe vera drinking gel. As the issue of bedsores was addressed in the ‘Fliege’ TV show with Michael Peuser, I decided to talk to Mrs L’s doctor and family regarding treatment with aloe vera gel. Both agreed to my proposal. All nurses on our ward received information on aloe vera gel. Mrs Z. is administered 30 ml of gel four times a day. We packed the bedsore with compresses that had been soaked in aloe vera gel. The tamponade was changed three times a day. After only four months the bedsore is now merely the size of a EUR 2 coin. It is clearly healing from the inside out. All of us are more than enthusiastic.

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  • Cysts

    Peter K.

    Hallo, I have been suffering from purulent abscesses and boils in the area of the groin and armpits for more than 20 years. I have undergone surgery more than ten times, sometimes even without anaesthetic, sometimes as an inpatient in hospital under general anaesthetic. On top of that, I took different antibiotics two to three times a year in order to make my condition bearable and delay surgery. Since June 2004 I have had a permanent deep purulent abscess with several openings in my right armpit. There was no way around dressings and black salves (Ichtholan 50%). Surgery might have been an alternative solution, but one which I successfully avoided. For three weeks now I have been drinking 30 ml of aloe vera gel three times a day and initially use a spray containing aloe vera and then a cream containing aloe vera for local wound treatment. For about five days I have been able to go out and about without wound dressing and, what is more, free from pain. To me this is little short of a miracle. As of today, there will be no day without aloe vera gel.

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  • Else M.

    Hallo, I suffered from the effects of cysts for 25 years. It all started when I was twenty and the first cysts were found in my uterus. As I had not completed my family planning at that point in time, surgery was not an issue. By the time my 35th birthday came around there was no way of avoiding surgery as the constant pain had simply become unbearable. A total of 42 cysts were removed. I was hoping to experience a pain-free period and thought the cyst issue had been brought to a close. Nothing of the kind! Six years later lumps in both breasts were the cause of major worry and pain. After elaborate and painful examinations, my gynaecologist and my radiologist told me that both breasts were full of cysts. My gynaecologist suggested draining the cysts in regular approx. three-month intervals by means of needle aspiration. I am now 45 years old and have since undergone this painful procedure about every three months in order to avoid major surgery. Overall, I have undergone a total of 36 interventions of the inguinal area during which cysts were removed. Since the end of June I have been drinking 30 ml of aloe vera gel three times a day. These days I can neither feel nor sense any cysts. They are gone and I am free from pain. I am extremely happy. I have also been able to discontinue the interventions by my gynaecologist. Also, my digestion improved significantly. For many years I only had a bowel movement every three days and I was constantly bloated. Now I have a movement every morning. The furunculosis that I have been suffering from since I have been 23 is also gone. I had 36 operations and three corrective interventions due to the many scars. Thanks to aloe vera this will hopefully be a thing of the past.

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  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Edwin W.

    You are most likely wondering how aloe vera gel and MS go together? The fact is that healing is NOT possible!

    The existing symptoms, however, can be alleviated:

    I have been suffering from MS since 1991. MS is an illness that causes numbness of the arms and legs, paralysis of the legs, and involves hospitalisation, treatment with cortisone and other strong medications, such as Betaferon. This medication was in fact intended to provide relief; however, I had to discontinue it due to numerous side effects. Until then, my quality of life was significantly reduced. In 2002, a good friend introduced me to aloe vera. As a result of using this gel, my general condition improved, the spasticity in my legs improved so that I could walk normally again. I experienced an improvement with regard to the movement of my feet and have since not had any relapses. My blood pressure has settled at a normal level of 140/80. Furthermore, I no longer have cramps that led to the removal of part of my bowels. In brief: since drinking aloe vera on a regular basis I have been free from complaints!

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  • Digestive problems

    Heidrun R.

    Experience with aloe vera gel

    Twenty years ago I had a duodenal ulcer. I have had constant abdominal pain and digestive problems ever since. Since taking aloe vera regularly, my digestive problems have vanished and I feel fitter than before. Due to menopause I had constant headaches, which have also almost completely subsided.

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  • Renate B.

    Report on experiences with aloe vera gel

      - • Immune system:

    1. Since taking aloe vera gel we (the entire family) have not had a single cold (daily intake of approx. 30 ml of aloe vera gel since September 2003)
    2. -• Digestion:

    3. I had major digestive problems; since taking aloe vera they are a thing of the past
    4. - • Locomotor system; bones and joints:

    5. With regard to my husband and myself, all I can say is that aloe vera gel is doing us a world of good and that we feel fitter physically since taking it. Particularly my husband who was in great pain and had a very restricted range of movement following an accident. Since the summer of 2004 we have been doing Nordic Walking and, in combination with aloe vera, we feel like new people.
    6. - • Allergies:

    7. Our son, meanwhile 28 years old, has been suffering from allergies against all types of grasses as well as birches and hazelnut trees since the age of six. Since taking aloe vera gel he only had a minor problem with his allergies for around three days last summer. Before that, he was congested from March through to October. As his mother, I know best what he used to suffer. I must admit that my son was initially not convinced that aloe vera was going to help as the desensitisation he had been through for many years was more or less unsuccessful. So he really only took it because of me and said if it made me happy he would take it but he did not believe in it. That has since changed, which I noticed due to the fact that he now demands his morning shotglass of schnapps (as we call our drink). After all, if you heal your allergies in this way you would be silly to go without your morning drink
    8. - Skin:

    9. I do not want to leave my skin problems unmentioned. I have seen many dermatologists and spent lots of money on ointments and creams, always with very brief success and after a few weeks it was back to normal. Thanks to aloe vera I can now smile happily.
    10. -• Cholesterol:

    11. This is my best success story. My husband had very high cholesterol levels, in particular his HDL levels, despite a change of diet, weight loss and the intake of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Since taking aloe vera every morning, his cholesterol values are good. My husband congratulated me and said that I had won and it was all due to aloe vera. He could not have paid me a better compliment at the time. These are all experiences I had within my own family and friends and relatives to whom I introduced the products also only have words of praise for them. It could be an incentive for everyone to spend around EUR 3.00 on their health so that they might not even have to sit around in a doctor’s waiting room. This saves you from having to pay the practice fee (EUR 10.00 on a quarterly basis, plus co-pay for prescription drugs) and, above all, plenty of time, and you do not run a risk of catching one of the many bugs sitting around in the waiting room. I believe these are enough reasons in favour of aloe vera gel.
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  • Heartburn

    Roland S.

    By writing this I would like to confirm the positive experience I have had with aloe vera gel.

    Aloe has already provided relief with regard to two health problems I experienced. Due to my previous work as a long-distance lorry driver I had developed severe stomach problems. Hectic, stress and irregular meals soon led to severe, almost daily heartburn.

    For many years I could keep the heartburn under control to a certain degree by taking drugs. But drugs that are intended to regulate gastric acid are not the proper solution!

    After three weeks of taking aloe vera gel I noticed that my complaints had improved significantly.

    Now, after three months of taking aloe gel regularly, I no longer have any stomach problems and I am really happy that I no longer need to take drugs.

    My second positive experience with aloe vera gel relates to athlete’s foot. An unpleasant condition that one can easily contract in public pools, for example.

    My recommendation: Soak cotton balls in aloe vera gel and then insert them between your toes. After four days the problem has vanished. Anyone affected should feel free to try it. I can recommend it with a good conscience. These are my experiences with aloe vera gel.

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  • Prostate

    Anita W.

    I gave my father aloe vera gel as a present. He drank 30 ml mornings and evenings for about 1 1/2 months. He felt fine and did not notice anything special.

    Then, the following happened:

    During a cancer screening the doctor suddenly noticed an elevated prostate parameter via a blood test. The value was 9.9. Cancer is already suspected at value in excess of 4. On top of that, the prostate was indurated and the doctor explained that this induration or hardening in connection with the high value was extremely unfavourable. He was given an appointment for a biopsy to be performed a fortnight later.

    During these 14 days my father increased his intake of aloe vera gel severely, to 60 ml three times a day. Additionally, he performed two enemas a day with 30 ml aloe vera gel each.

    After only a few days of the higher intake and the additional enema, he noticed that urination had improved. He also felt much fitter.

    Then the day of the biopsy arrived. The prostate was again examined. It had changed. Meanwhile it was no longer hard but it also was not completely soft. Several days later he received the results of the biopsy - astonishingly, everything was fine.

    Meanwhile, my father can urinate without problems and frequently he even needs to go to the toilet at night.

    He also noticed that the blisters on the insides of his hands, which always bothered him and where he could occasionally pull off entire flaps of skin, had disappeared completely.

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  • Bladder and kidney problems/Rheumatoid arthritis/Stomach ache

    Before: I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for ten years, have flares several times a year that involve severe pain and restriction of movement, sometimes so that I am rendered immobile. I need to take 4-6 different tablets a day, which naturally also have considerable side effects. My immune system was virtually non-existent. I had stomach ache, frequent bladder and kidney infections, coughs and sneezes and I often had cold sores and experienced menstrual pain during the first one to two days of menstruation


    1. -After one week of taking aloe vera gel my stomach ache had disappeared
    2. -It was also positive that my menstrual pain had subsided completely
    3. -I feel fully fit again - in fact, I am fitter than before
    4. -The last flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis (approx. 14 days ago) was far less painful than usual
    5. -I now have bowel movements once to twice daily, as a result of which I lost a bit of weight and, what’s even better, no increase of weight if I do indulge
    6. -Positive effect on my skin as well (looks fresher and smoother)
    7. -So far, no more bladder or kidney problems
    8. -My hypertension (due to the tablets I was taking) is now back to normal
    9. My quality of life has improved.

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  • Gastritis

    Carsten G.

    Report on my experience with aloe vera gel with honey

    Four years ago I had severe gastritis. Since then I have not been able to drink or eat everything I felt like, as I frequently had the feeling that my stomach is boiling over. I have been taking aloe vera gel regularly since July and my stomach problems ceased to the end of August. I can now eat and drink whatever I like without any problems..

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  • Asthma

    Carla R.

    Report on the effect of aloe vera gel

    My doctor diagnosed me with asthma eight years ago (when I was twelve years old) and prescribed all kinds of drugs, including a daily regiment with a special asthma spray. While the various sprays helped to resolve asthma attacks, they did not relieve the asthma as such. Back then, my lung performance amounted to a mere 72%.

    Additionally, I had warts on my feet that were also being treated with a host of different applications. None of them helped, though, so that they were eventually surgically removed. The warts had become so big that I could hardly walk without pain. This is why I had them removed. However, it was not long before I discovered new warts (12 on one foot). My doctor subsequently explained that warts constantly recur. In July 2002 I was introduced to aloe vera gel. As a result of the regular intake of aloe vera gel the warts stopped growing after about two weeks and after about seven weeks they had disappeared completely and there has not been any recurrence since then. Aloe vera also relieved my asthma. I no longer suffer from nocturnal asthma attacks and I have been able to discontinue the daily use of the asthma spray. It is only in rare cases that I take recourse to it. I still take aloe vera gel regularly and do not want to be without it anymore.

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  • Bronchial tubes

    S. K.

    Experience with aloe vera

    I have been taking aloe vera gel three times a day since mid-July. My bronchial tubes are hypersensitive and react to fog, smoke, exhaust fumes, etc. with dyspnoea. I used to have frequent asthma attacks and was injected cortisone. My doctor finally prescribed a cortisone spray that I inhaled twice a day. I no longer suffered from asthma attacks and actually felt fine. Last year I suddenly became hoarse, my voice failed me. The cortisone had impacted my vocal chords and was the cause of the loss of voice. I stopped taking cortisone four weeks ago and my voice has improved. I can even go jogging again - thanks to aloe vera drinking gel!

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  • Bronchitis

    Elke H.

    For years I used to regularly suffer from severe bronchitis with fever both in the summer and in the winter months. In 2002 I was introduced to aloe vera gel and since then I have been drinking approx. 150-200 ml a day. While I did have the occasional infection, I have not had an incident of acute bronchitis since. Thank God. As I have not changed my lifestyle bar the additional intake of this nutritional supplement, I attribute my improved health to it.

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  • Allergies

    Thomas H.

    My experience with aloe vera drinking gel:

    I have been suffering from various allergies for about five years and as a result of these I have also been suffering from asthma. After taking 90 ml of aloe vera gel for a mere three days my allergy to cats had disappeared completely. I could carry cats around and cuddle them - not a single allergic reaction. Also, during our vacation in Bavaria I could do things that were previously impossible - take a walk in the woods, walk on freshly mown meadows and run through fields of flowers. Fantastic. No allergy whatsoever to any plant or flower pollen.

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  • Radiotherapy for cancer

    Helene S.

    Experience with aloe vera gel with honey

    I have been drinking aloe vera on a daily basis since July 2002. I suffer from a plasmacytoma (leukaemia) that grows within the skeleton. Through the intake of aloe, my cancer of the skeleton was contained within 10 radiotherapy sessions. The outlook was one radiotherapy session a day for five weeks. Thanks to aloe, I spared myself three weeks of radiotherapy. My digestion has also improved so that I can now eat foods that used to cause severe nausea, heartburn and biliary colic.

    I have had viruses in my eyes for about ten years. Outlook: untreatable, may lead to blindness. After approx. 10-14 days of taking aloe vera I could suddenly read the newspaper again.

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  • Chemotherapy

    Christa U.

    Experience with aloe vera gel

    Thanks to a recommendation to take aloe vera drinking gel, I did not have any side effets whatsoever during my chemotherapy session. Four weeks before commencing chemotherapy I started drinking 100 ml of gel a day. After only two weeks I noticed that my fatigue improved. Before taking aloe vera gel I also suffered from hypertension and according to my doctor I had to take blood pressure tablets. Meanwhile I have normal blood pressure without taking tablets. Thanks to aloe vera gel.

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  • Our own experience

    Matthias D.

    On 13 August 2002 we were faced with one of the worst messages a person can receive!! Our son Tim, who was almost three years old, had leukaemia. Until then I had heard of the illness and all we could do was hope that allopathic medicine could help our son. As I had received repeated reports on the wondrous healing properties of aloe vera I obtained more information - as my sole chance of helping him. I studied literature/internet/experience and opinions of doctors and professors who specialised in oncology. What I found out about aloe vera in concomitant treatment for cancer would surely have seemed incredible to someone who was not affected. It did not take us long to make a decision and so, from day one, we supported his chemotherapy with aloe vera gel - due to the conviction we gained from the scientifically proven studies. As my wife accompanies the therapy in hospital on a daily basis and I also visit my son on a regular basis, we also see the many other children and adolescents and the range of side effects (hair loss, constant vomiting, nausea, fatigue, bad organ parameters, e.g. liver). Tim has been undergoing chemotherapy for nine weeks now and I am pleased to say that he experiences these side effects noticeably rarely, if at all.

    He has lost a bit of hair and over the entire nine weeks he only vomited once, he does not really suffer from nausea to any extent as I always see him happy, joyous and full of joie de vivre, wanting to play. He was even able to celebrate his third birthday at home with all his friends. Occasionally he is tired but not more than a healthy kid would be and both his blood parameters and organs are monitored on a regular basis. Even in this context, there have been comments as to the fact that the values are astonishingly positive. Yes, I do believe that all these experiences we have had are due to aloe vera, as the literature from studies described precisely this positive effect and the fact that it is mandatory in some US American states, to undertake aloe vera treatment alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy. All this convinces me all the more that this plant is not just another product. Thank you for introducing this marvellous product to us at just the right time so that our son and many other people could be helped to regain their health faster and maintain it easier.

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